Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Primeshares.org?

Primeshares is a multifunctional platform combining an investment fund aimed at development and increase of funds of our clients by investment experts in the field of trade in crypto currency via arbitrage.

How is the income generated?

The yield on deposits is generated from the income of the company which carries out financial activities in the area of trading in crypto-currency via arbitrage on the international commercial exchanges.

What are the guarantees of safety of my investments in the project?

Our company values its reputation, so it maintains the Insurance Fund in a special account in case of force majeure in one of the well-known banks of Britain - Barclays Tsb.

How to become a client of the Primeshares.org platform?

In order to become a client you must undergo a simple registration procedure following the hints of the system.

What monetary units does Primeshares.org work with?

Currently we work with Bitcoin. If new payment methods are added, they will be announced via feed and e-mail.

Can I get any reward for inviting a partner who will invest with the platform?

Yes, the company encourages its clients who advertise Primeshares.org. If your partner buys an investment plan in the project, you will receive a fee specified in the Partners section.